• Learning and Development

    Learning and Development

    An integral part of an organization’s talent management program, Learning and Development plays an important role in creating synergy between individual and group goals. Our strategy extends through programs which are diligently customized to address the issues concerning the workforce of a business. Whether you need to redesign a behavioral framework or conduct workshops to hone the management skills of your employees, BluOne can effectively undertake and discharge such responsibilities.

    The Learning and Development Strategists at BluOne have come across a variety of organizational challenges while conducting workshops and implementing new and improved frameworks.
    And that’s why they understand the importance of instilling the right culture which creates an atmosphere where employees are motivated to deliver better performance with every passing day.

    Some of the most common challenges introduced by a constantly evolving workplace include:

    • Employee Skill and Role Requirement match – An effective manager or trainer should be able to figure out the skill-set of an employee and then assign a befitting role. When there’s a mismatch during this process, the employee will not be able to deliver as expected and the overall productivity will decline.
    • Behavioral Framework – A benchmark-defining set of core behaviors which guides employees regarding their approach towards work or any task associated with work.
    • Cultural Integrity and match – To be unable to respect and abide by the culture set within the organization. This reduces overall productivity and output.
    • Organizational Vision Focus – When the employees at the workplace fail to recognize and work according to the vision of the organization.
    • Performance Predictability – As the organization fails to predict the yield per employee, it loses the overall sense of direction.

    Apart from these, organizations can face additional or a different set of challenges as well. Whatever the case is, we’re always ready with viable solutions and programs which help in creating a roadmap towards development and profitability. Our Learning and Development team leverages its extensive experience of the domain to chalk-out the roadmap for addressing your requirements.

    Identifying the current scenario-

    We begin by conducting an assessment to define the required levels of performance and behavior within the organization. This helps us draw a clear picture of what the company actually needs to manage its talent and resources. Then these requirements are matched with their corresponding solutions and shared with the entire workforce. This helps the workforce in contemplating how we as an organization need to change and advance towards the desired goal as a team and not an individual.

    Continuous Focus on learning and self-improvement-

    Our team works with your employees in developing and fostering a learning culture throughout the workforce of the organization. Every employee needs to abide by this culture where the key focus is to be consistent with learning. This gradually empowers employees to push the envelope and focus on development through creativity and innovation.

    Creating a sense of ownership-

    Although a difficult task to materialize, if executed diligently, it can motivate employees into believing that they are the real stakeholders responsible for adding value to the organization. Once employees start feeling personally or individually responsible for the company’s growth, the next step is to explain and establish relevant frameworks whilst providing an appropriate amount of resources and support. This sense of ownership can produce loyal employees who are motivated and driven to achieve perfection in their respective work stream.

    Layout of the Development Journey-

    To bring the workforce on the same page, our experts create a blueprint of the developmental journey. Interactive workshops and sessions are held to help employees understand where the company is headed and how the objectives necessary for facilitating development are to be carried out on a routine basis. This provides direction for the entire workforce and it helps them channelize their focus on priorities.

    All-inclusive Feedback-

    This is omitted by a lot of companies. To ensure that the workforce is actively engaged and participating in achieving the vision of the organization, they need to feel important and be heard.
    An effective mechanism to identify the concerns of your employees will be extremely helpful in feeling the pulse of the workforce. The trainers need to be trained in accepting and processing the feedback whereas the employees should be taught how to keep their feedback specific and relevant.

    Developing Integrated solutions for workforces and organizations, the Learning and Development team at BluOne believes in creating robust Education solutions that withhold the capacity to stand the test of time and technological advancement in the coming years.
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  • E-Learning Content

    Technological advancement has altered the basics of learning. Currently, individuals prefer eLearning content because of its reliability and its capability to help them stay abreast with the latest approach pertaining to a specific industry.

    eLearning also offers a wide selection of choices regarding the type of content. Additionally, it also appears more convenient than traditional learning methods as it can be accessed according to the discretion of the learner. Because of these reasons, most corporates have understandably switched to procuring and developing eLearning content from various providers.

    Developing optimized eLearning content has been at the forefront of our objectives as we understand how corporates are heavily dependent on electronic content for facilitating in-bound processes which speed up their pace and growth.

  • LMS Design

    Learning Management System (LMS) is a software application which lets you administer, track, report and deliver training courses and programs.

    BluOne provides integrated end-to-end LMS solutions. Offering technical assistance for 365 days a year, we boast of a team of experts proficient in building customized LMS modules. Our specialization includes Consulting, Installation, Integration, Deployment, Training, and Support.

    Some of the core features of Learning Management Solutions developed by BluOne:

    • Fully capable of managing users, roles, courses, instructors, facilities, and generate reports.
    • Web-based or blended with classroom course delivery.
    • Capable of Integration with outside systems like HRMS, PMS, etc.
    • Instructor-led training (ILT) management.
    • Mobile learning.
    • Compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems.

    Benefits of using BluOne LMS offerings:

    • Instructor-Led Trainings (ILTs)- Our ILTs module provides real-time human connection and a viable opportunity for first-hand practice. These modules are designed in a way which enables access to expert advice while using different channels. And apart from providing an immersive learning experience, our ILTs module contains tailored reinforcements of new knowledge and skills. With improved tracking and measurement of the learner’s knowledge and understanding, you can evaluate the proficiency of every learner and take steps to bring every learner at par.
    • Customized Development for Clients- One of the pioneers of eLearning in the Asian Continent, we have analyzed clients from different industries to narrow down the type of customizations our clients seek. From the integration of ILT with online training to facilitating approval processes for self enrolment of training, we are building tailored LMS modules to help you serve more effectively. We’ve also developed a certification module to ease the process of certification of each employee. We tweak reports and data analytics according to the needs of our clients and also offer Automated Course Enrolments module as per the competencies chart of each job role.
    • Mobile Learning- Also referred to as mLearning, our modules ensure complete flexibility for learners as we deliver nuggets of learning modules like videos, quizzes, etc. This engaging form of learning creates more room for information retention for learners.
    • With such interesting characteristics, our mLearning modules exalts performance as it generates higher participation while accommodating faster learning.
    • Integration with Other IT Systems- BluOne LMS offering enables seamless integration with various third-party systems like SAP, Oracle, Fusion, HRIMS systems hosted by clients. We also render custom web service developments which help in integrating and automating data transfer between heterogeneous systems. It does not matter if you’re trying to deliver heavy media content through LMS as our modules integrate object level storage within your network and from cloud to store.
    • Security- Our LMS programs contain a lot of information which can seldom be used by any unauthorized party. Our secure role-based access level defined in the system ensures only privileged eyes have access to required details.
    • We also offer Multi-Factor Authentication for web login and mobile apps and it is secured by OTP (one-time password) through email, SMS, or both. At BluOne, our LMS modules go through penetration testing and vulnerability assessment which is conducted by our internal team before handing over the system to the client. Our constant endeavor is to ensure that we deliver security hardened systems, applications, and database which cannot be breached under any circumstance.

    In addition to providing these exclusive features, we are also experienced in deploying LMS on diverse hosting platforms like Microsoft, Azure, Amazon, AWS, and physical servers in client’s data centers.

    We’re experts in setting up Application server in Demilitarized zone (DMZ) and database in Local Area Network (LAN). Further, we’ve also assisted clients in installing an operating system and installing all LMS components including database while configuring the same to ensure a meaningful and convenient experience for our clients.