A guy playing with a big mobile phone and interacting with the gears rather than the Start button. Is that what Redefined means?

Here’s hoping that June is better for all of us.

When I ponder over the question about what we are and should be delivering, the answer is Experience. And not just any kind – the Responsible kind. Read on.

Our UX and UI teams are building digital products and experiences that would either make work easier or faster or better. Our Branding, Graphic Design and Content Teams are giving a personality to the businesses and taking the brands to their consumers. Everything we do is essentially for an Experience. And in the more encompassing, umbrella term of Problem Solving, we are all Experience Designers.

A schematic of whatever is written above, so that people who find the email boring, can just look at the pictures. Experience, yeah!

Our core teams can be divided into two units:

  • Product Experience, which houses UX and UI Designers, and;
  • Brand Experience, which houses Identity and Communication Designers. Communication Design further comprises of our Graphic Design, Animation / Video Design, and Book Design. This team will see a little more structure in the coming weeks.

Three teams – Technology, Content and Research – have and shall be like the Food Courts in Shopping Malls. Anyone who has a tickle in their tummies, can reach out to them. Doesn’t mean they are not important but, on the contrary, these are the pillars on which all the other teams are going to build themselves. Think: without code all the interfaces we work on meet a dead end, without words marketing is a dud, and without research, well. These three teams will have to be specialists and generalists and be good at both, for they shall have to interact and lend support to the entire town.

There’s one more thing we added: Employee Experience. We stress and fret a lot about how our customers think, but we would definitely not want to ignore the humans toiling away in the process. Kicking off right away, the Leads and I shall also be focussing on needs and wants of our Employees from BluOne as importantly as we focus on timelines and project deliverables for our clientele. One natural limb of this is Education Design. We realise that most of our team is young and they have so much to achieve in their careers, and Education is a crucial rung in the ladder. We’ve done it in bits and pieces – by calling industry experts to our office, or open access to subject matter video recordings of SMEs, or a tiny library, or having cats which teach you how to not give a care in the world. However, we will make it more structured in the days to come.

It isn’t hard to notice that the Employee Experience unit has space for more. And that’s where contributions from within the team are going to be of importance. It shouldn’t also be hard to notice that we’re not stopping at the three primary units. There’s space for more.

The R in RED has more to it.

  • Responsible: Because we want to be true and honest about the work we do, and we shall ensure for our stakeholders that we will give them nothing but Excellent. (What’s BluOne’s tagline?)
  • Reliable: When you buy from your favourite brand, you expect a certain minimum guarantee of quality and support. That’s why you rely on them. Why shouldn’t BluOne?
  • Result-oriented: Not mindless. Everything has a positive impact.
  • Renewable: Avoiding duplication in efforts and resources, we build so that we can reuse, and we renew as much – not just within BluOne, but the extended ecosystem as well.
  • Resisting: We resist to injustice in work, elements that hamper our quality, or things that pose a threat to our culture.
Too many words starting with R, and two people high-fiving to show what a cool concept this is.

Next stop: Building the BluOne Experience.

Stay tuned.

Author: Dharmesh Mehta