A quick gander through the email statistics report (2019-2023) of The Radicati Group is enough to know that 2.7 billion people are actively using their email accounts. Considering this massive number, businesses have an excellent opportunity to reach out to prospective clients and users. Additionally, email marketing is still one of the most economical tools to exalt your brand’s reach and amplify its communication at the same time.

Let’s check out some rudimentary benefits of harnessing the power of email marketing:-

Increased Reach

According to Statista.com, by the end of 2019, more than 5 billion people will be using a mobile phone to skew through their daily routines. If you’re looking to optimize your digital marketing budget, it is impossible to ignore this number and extremely important to design ways to use the number to your advantage.

An effectively designed email marketing strategy will help you churn out emails (periodically) that can grab the attention of the viewer while communicating the intent or functionality of your business. It is a productive tool to engage consumers and increase your business’ reach. These users are opening emails on their mobile phones so make sure your team is creating responsive designs that make it easy for the viewers to scroll through the email while enjoying the content on the screens.

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Better Return on Investment (ROI)

At present, there’s no dearth of digital marketing tools or techniques. Depending on the type and marketing budget of your business, you can apply multiple techniques but it is important to observe which strategy yields the highest return on investment.
Email marketing, as a tool, has the potential to yield maximum ROI for your business.

Campaign Monitor, known for designing successful email marketing campaigns for bigwigs, extrapolated that every $1 spent on email marketing yields approximately $38. Please note that this is the highest ROI in comparison with techniques like SEO, Catalogues, Keyword Ads, and internet display. This is an excellent ROI and goes on to prove how emails can help generate steady streams of revenue for your business.

Facilitates Personalization

The concept of personalizing emails and content has been tried and tested by many brands. Today’s digital consumer seeks personalization at every level and there’s enough data to prove this. For instance, a report presented by HubSpot clearly states how emails containing the first name of users in the subject line have higher click-through rates than emails sent sans the recipient’s name.

Companies seeking an opportunity to grow should leverage such data availed through different platforms and create personalized marketing campaigns around it. With emails, it is comparatively easy to create personalized content and communicate the same to your audience.

Easily Quantifiable

Even the most sophisticated digital marketing technique is useless if there’s no option to measure its efficacy.
With email marketing analytics, you can find out the exact number of people who have opened your email, whether they clicked on the links embedded within the mail, or if viewers unsubscribed after scrolling through the mail. Having access to this data creates room for thorough analysis which helps in ascertaining if the overall strategy is effective or not. It also eliminates guesswork and allows you to focus on viable alternatives to be used in the coming months.

Now that you know the significance of email marketing and how it can help grow your business, it is time to start developing an elaborate plan regarding the type of content, frequency of emails, and figuring out growth hacks to grow your subscriber base.