Head, Technology

Type: Full-time Employment
Reports to: Head, Design and Strategy
Location: Sector 135, Noida

Why are we looking for a Head, Technology?

Our work impacts the lives of 100,000+ people and we speak to many more, and our products and services define the nature of this impact. It is thus critical for us to deliver human-centered solutions built by employing intuitive, user-first designs, and backed by ethical AI and conscious, data-driven business decisions. To achieve this feat, we invite candidates who are excited to help us build and scale BluOne’s technological backbone from the ground up.


  • Technology Entrepreneur: Creating technology products / solutions, and providing technology services with the best ROI to BluOne and its clients. Your knowledge is mile-wide inch-deep: you understand a multitude of technology platforms, frameworks, stacks, etc. and are a master of a handful. You are thorough, innovative, people-centric, understand the value of constraints and the financial implications of your propositions at levels ranging from B2C POCs to enterprise solutions.
  • Project and Process Owner: End-to-end ownership of all relevant business processes and solutions, facilitating smooth and timely collaborations among multidisciplinary teams (like leadership, research, design, marketing, automation, etc.). You shall be required to achieve this through setting up and tracking quality and performance metrics. Excellence in Execution remains BluOne’s mantra, and you shall be accountable for an excellent customer experience.
  • Team Builder and Leader: You shall be responsible for an excellent Team Experience in the teams you lead, and would wear the hats of a mentor, a coach, an educator, and a leader throughout your journey. You shall be directly engaged in budget planning, recruitment, training, performance evaluations, and addressing problems.
  • Active Noise Canceller: Find, document and present valuable, conclusive and actionable trends and insights by scrutinising raw data.


Only those candidates may apply who:

  • Have 10+ years of experience working in a technological role and 3+ years working in a leadership role with at least two organisations of different sizes. Proven experience as a Technology Lead / Head and / or experience in a fast-paced startup is a plus. Such experience shall have made you a person with extensive knowledge about building technology solutions – including but not limited to research, architecture, design, development, business planning, budgeting, technology trends, IT systems.
  • Have proven team-oriented leadership and hands-on project management capabilities working in a fast-paced environment with enthusiastic and inquisitive members. You would have sharp attention to details, strong interpersonal skills, smart decision-making ability, and be able to manage time, resources, teams and budgets effectively and efficiently.
  • Have excellence in written and oral English communication. You shall be reading, writing, analysing, interpreting, negotiating and presenting business correspondence with groups of managers, clients, vendors, customers, and other stakeholders.
  • Are proactively analytical, problem-solving and calculative aptitude, along with having good presence of mind.
  • Can constantly learn and unlearn, and are not afraid of experiments and change.
  • Flexible to work with India and US time zones.
  • Have a green outlook and care about the environment.
  • Are responsible entrepreneurs in their pursuit.
  • Are available to join full time at our Noida office.

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.


  • We are conveniently working from our homes with the optimism to reopen the office in a few months.
  • Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.
  • The Recruitment Process may change depending on the number and types of applications received, but candidates are always informed before the beginning of the next round, and are provided with appropriate time for preparations.