BluOne has committed 55% of all its profits to the Auromir Foundation of Integral Learning and Auroveda Foundation.

BluOne is directly and actively associated with the work of social reconstruction, transformative education and grassroots empowerment in India as part of its business mission.

Impact Stories

Mathur's Story

For Mr. Mathur, nothing is greater than the honor of his country. He risked his life every day at the border for 30 years and is proud to have done so. After retirement, he looked forward to spending his aged years with his family and inspiring the younger strengths in his house with his unflinching devotion to the soil that raised him.

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Dr. Prasad's Story

Dr. Sharma is an Ayurvedic doctor with 20 years of rich medical experience under his belt. He has been working at the Auroveda Health Center in Jaipur for about a year and a half. Here he shares with us his story of treating those who cannot afford standard medical care.

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Avinash's Story

Avinash Kumar is undergoing treatment for kidney stones under Dr. Hanuman Prasad Sharma’s care at the Auroveda Health Center in Jaipur. Both Avinash and his mother who was treated for chronic joint pain at the Center are huge fans of the clinic and Dr. Sharma.

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Ramesh's Story

35 years old Ramesh Ahir is seeking medical guidance for a ganglion cyst from the Homeopathic doctor at Auroveda Health Center, Dr. Gunjan Soni. Read the story of his journey towards full recovery without the need of any surgical intervention.

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Manavtal's Story

Mr. L.N. Manavtal is a seventy six year old man who has been undergoing treatment for gastric ailments at the Auroveda Health Center, Jaipur. He is being looked after under the supervision of the in-house ayurvedic doctor, Dr. Hanuman Prasad Sharma who has 20 years of rich Ayurvedic experience under his belt.

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Kamlesh's Story

Kamlesh Garg is a patient who has found great relief from old age related illnesses thanks to the services provided by the doctors at the Auroveda Health Center. This is how her story goes.

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Dr. Gunjan's Story

Dr. Gunjan Soni specializes in Homeopathic medicine and is a consulting doctor at the Auroveda Health Center in Jaipur. Read about her experience of working at the Auroveda Health Center and catering to patients who belong to the low-income community.

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