About Us

BluOne India, established in 2016, believes in Excellence in Execution.

We are constantly working towards providing a Smarter Experience to all our stakeholders, be it partners, vendors, or employees.

With an expertise in delivering integrated solutions to the U.S. managed healthcare system, we work towards bridging the gap between patients, payers, and providers.

Philosophy / Values

BluOne believes in the principle of being a conscious, people-first organisation, which focuses on building ethical partnerships, with a mutual goal of creating positive impact in the ecosystem, as well as in the world.

BluOne stands strong on the pillars of its values: Honesty, Transparency and Integrity.

Core Beliefs

BluOne was founded with the thought of creating conscious wealth for the causes that it believes in.

BluOne has committed 55% of all its profits to the Auromir Foundation of Integral Learning and Auroveda Foundation, both not-for-profit ventures working at grassroots level towards empowerment of the underprivileged.