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At BluOne, we work harder every day to deliver integrated solutions for the U.S. managed healthcare system, bridging the gap between patients, payers, and providers.

Excellence in Execution

We will Emerge Victorious from

Dr. Singh says COVID-19 will change the entire world. We, at Access Healthcare and BluOne are working together to rise above the situation and Emerge stronger and better as a company. As the infection is coming closer to us, to our friends, families, we must hunker down and work together as a unit.

Dr. Pariksith Singh talks about the COVID-19 pandemic

For Increased Overall Performance

By identifying the requirements of your business, we conceive solutions that bear the ability to withstand technical as well as market-related advancements.

Revenue Cycle Management

Our technology-enabled RCM solutions help you generate better revenues by reducing operational costs whilst rendering a conducive administrative experience for your patients.

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We create eLearning modules to educate healthcare professionals and boost healthcare curriculums.

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Branding and UX Design

Crafting an effective healthcare branding strategy in combination with a meaningful user experience design.

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  • Dr. Pariksith Singh, M.D
    BluOne is one of the most professional, credible and efficient organizations I have dealt with over the last couple of decades. They focus on granular details, reaching a level of perfection constantly that makes me proud to be associated with them. BluOne has helped Access Health Care, LLC over the last 2 years with producing quality educational material for CME’s, auditing our billing with their CDIs, helping our credentialing department address its significant load and creating a marketing strategy for us and executing it with excellence.
    Dr. Pariksith Singh, M.D
  • Michelle A. Maves
    BluOne has been an absolute pleasure to work with. They are quick and accurate with their coding and are always eager to take on any task or challenge we send them. When there is a problem, they are willing to ask for help and quick to learn any new material given to them. BluOne easily blended with our own team for a smooth transition.
    Michelle A. Maves
    Billing & Coding Manager – AHCP, LLC